It is with great regret that we must inform everyone Dr. Siddiqui will be closing his private practice at 3636 Executive Center Dr. Austin TX 78731 effective April 30th, 2012. He has accepted another position at a local clinic and will be relocating soon. We will continue to see patients during the month of April 2012.


We have sent a letter notifying patients of the change on march 26, 2012 and April 04, 2012. The letter included referrals to local psychiatrists, instructions for release of records and information on obtaining refills. Patients will need to make sure all refill requests and any additional concerns are addressed by Monday April 30th, 2012. Based upon your individual insurance plan and particular medication, we may be able to renew 30 days or 90 days of prescription. You can page Dr. Siddiqui at (512) 323-5465 for next one month also. For serious emergencies please call 911.  


Dr. Siddiqui can provide a summary of treatment or records for any patient who may need one. For release of records, please  click the document link, print and fill out the Medical Release of Information. Patients may fax their request for records to (512) 590-8718. Our forwarding address after 04/30/2012 will be: P.O. Box 27241, Austin, Texas 78755-2241.


 To continue care, please contact your current insurance plan for their preferred psychiatrist. For children and adolescents, you can also contact Nelson Ceballos, MD at (512) 452-1998, F. Ada N. Ifesinachukwu, M. D. (512) 732-2122 or Divyansu Patel, MD at (512) 302-1954.  


For adults and adolescents, I recommend Austin Psychiatric Alliance (Drs. Mark Esche, MD, David Urrate, MD and Camille Watson, CNP) at (512) 637-9090. Other experieced Psychiatrists are William Privitera, MD at (512) 327-8500 and Dr. Bernard Cordoba (512) 451-4448.


It has been an honor and privilege to serve you as your physician. We hope the best for all in the coming years.







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